Sunday, July 20, 2014

Drink Jack Daniels to Party Like a Rockstar

The Common Theme When Rockstars Party Like A Rockstar??? A. Jack Daniels

Looks like the key ingredient If you want to party like a rockstar is a bottle of Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey. Check out some key examples…

Jimmy Page – Led Zeppelin
Jimmy Page Party Like A Rockstar Jack Daniels
Keith Richards – The Rolling Stones
Party Like A Rock Star Keith Richards Drinking
Slash – Guns N’ Roses - Mick Jagger – The Rolling Stones
Slash Party Like A Rockstar Drinking Jack Daniels Party Like A Rockstar Mick Jagger Jack Daniels
David Lee Roth РVan Halen Lemmy - Moțrhead
Party Like A Rockstar Jack Daniels David Lee Roth Lemmy Motorhead Jack Daniels Party  Rockstar
Ronnie Wood – The Rolling Stones
Jack Daniels Rock Stars The Rolling Stones ROnniw Wood
Michael Anthony – Van Halen
Jack Daniels Van Halen Michael Anthony Bass Michael Anthony Jack Daniels Bass Van Halen
Bon Scott – AC/DC - Tom Petty
Jack Daniels Bon Scott AC/DC Tom Petty Rock N' Roll
Eddie Van Halen – Van Halen
Eddie Van Halen Rock Stars Jack Daniels Whisky
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