Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Metal, Punk, Rap, fuck off...

 Metal, Punk, Rap, fuck off...

It's always bother me when I heard some crapplers' saying:  "These bands are posers!" , "This is not heavy metal.  This is commercial!" , "There are not real rebels.  They sell discs, do money, and appears in movies!"  Yes, yes, yes, maybe?!?  So, if I listen to all those silly assclown crapplers.  All bands selling more than ten records and doing at others places than church' basements are "sell-out" posers.   Every heavy metal musics featured on TV is not heavy metal but commercial, which leaves us with only crappy death metal shits as being heavy metal.  The Exploited are posers because their sell records and are known worldwide.  Snoop Dogg and others wisemen' rappers are clowns because their appears in popular mainstream movies....  Bla, bla, bla....  Stop that shit I'm gonna be sick!!!

When I heard  that kind of crap coming from the mouth of metal, punk, and rap fans, that's make me wanna puke!!!  For all those lame ass losers, a real hardcore band must be underground, achieve no commercial success, and be commercial suicide????  What is that shit???

Being a metal, punk, and rap fan, I'm proud when I see some of these rebels artists of this "troubled" musics achieve commercial success and financial wealth.  We need to leave the bushes and became mainstream, but still with the same "fuck off " attitude.  What is the most hardcore, telling the world to fuck off when you have no public  (just a couple of flea-ridden headbangers) or, like Eminem did, telling the whole world to fuck off  when you have a worldwide audience???

Being an artist and a creator, fundamentaly, your main should be to make your art, music, or creation accessible to the most people possible.  Whether they thinks it's too hardcore, heavy, profanity, and total crap...  This doesn't matter, all that's count is that they talk about you!

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