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Breakfast Club John Bender was Grunge before grunge

Breakfast Club John Bender was grunge before grunge
Breakfast Club John Bender was grunge before grunge

Grunge wasn't born in Seattle in the early 90s with Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden...

Grunge was born in 1985 in the iconic movie Breakfast Club with Judd Nelson criminal character John Bender.

Breakfast Club wallpaper


The Breakfast Club as social medias sites

Needless to say that I identify myself with John Bender, the criminal.

Breakfast Club story resume

Bad boy John Bender wears several layers of clothes, four to be precise, to wonder and has all the coolness that any rebel should have. 

His fashion style is more 90s grunge than 80s MetalHead.
Which was unseen in mid-80s.

Breakfast Club John Bender the criminal fist
Breakfast Club John Bender the criminal
iconic raised fist at the end of the movie.

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  1. I was 15 when this came out, and wanted John Bender to take my virginity. I think I still do. Can I have my virginity back? And John? No seriously, though. Let's talk about his look. It IS interesting that he rocked this at least five years before anyone else. That's actually what brought me to this site. I'm watching TBC and paused to Google his incredibly early grunge look. God was he hot. SO. HOT. And Claire. I'd wear her look tomorrow. Timeless and classy. Molly. What in hell happened there?? It bothers me that her career died with the 80s. She was great. I adored her in every role she played.

    1. Yes indeed, his look was and is really cool and unique. Just as his cocky bad boy attitude.


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