Monday, October 31, 2016

SolidRok / Solid Rock Heavy Metal Musique Plus

SolidRok Solid Rock emission Heavy Metal a Musique Plus


This was my show!!! 
SolidRok was a mythical French Canadian Heavy Metal TV show presenting exclusively Heavy Metal music videos, including hard rock and grunge.
Only the coolest stuff was there!!
If it was good enough for SolidRok!
It was good enough to listen!

Solid Rock or Solid Rok... 
Write it whatever you want I miss it so much!!
It was an era when music used to be fun!!!

Paul Sarrasin SolidRok Musique Plus

At 23 years old, Paul Sarrasin became the face of the emblematic Heavy Metal music videos program SolidRok as its main VJ from 1987 to the early 90s.

During the same period, American music channel MTV hosted the Headbangers Ball while the Canadian's MuchMusic hosted the Power Hour, I think? 

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