Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Kurt Cobain heroin fix kit

This was Kurt Cobain heroin kit used to feed his $400 a day habit.

This April 1994 photo provided by Seattle police shows items found at the scene of Kurt Cobain's suicide. Photograph: Seattle PD/AP

Seriously, I wonder how much Kurt Cobain heroin kit (paraphernalia) would worth if his cardigan price tag is $140K? His heroin shooting kit would certainly be a success at a collector auction.

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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Kurt Cobain self portrait

It was the way Kurt Cobain viewed himself.

Kurt Cobain self portrait.  #PMRC PunkMetalRap.com
Kurt Cobain self portrait.

Personally, I found it really beautiful and original.

If they can sell a Kurt Cobain cardigan $140,000
I wonder how much they can sell this painting?

I would like to have a Kurt Cobain's original on my wall.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020


Zebraman Heavy Metal Parking Lot.  #PMRC PunkMetalRap.com
Zebraman (David Wine), Heavy Metal Parking Lot (1986)

Zebraman is famous for his "Heavy Metal Rules!" monologue in the 1986 documentary...
Heavy Metal Parking Lot (1986)  #PMRC PunkMetalRap.com
Heavy Metal Parking Lot (1986)

Zebraman's Words of Wisdom were immortalized a second time in the 2019 Steel Panther album 'Heavy Metal Rules' named after the philosophy of the Zebraman. The first track of the album is the first 32 seconds of his epic speech and is named "Zebraman".

Here is the
Zebraman 42-second monologue "Heavy Metal Rules!"

“Heavy metal rules! All that punk shit sucks! It doesn’t belong in this world, it belongs on fuckin’ Mars man! What the hell is punk shit? And Madonna can go to hell as far as I’m concerned! She’s a dick! Seriously! [Hits self in mouth with microphone] Ow! Heavy metal definitely rules! Twisted Sister, Judas Priest, Dokken, Ozzy, Scorpions. They all rule! [Takes break from rant to acknowledge nearby stoner girl] Yeah, she’s tripping Jack Daniel’s. [Resumes rant] It all rules! All that shit rules! This punk shit, circle shit and the dicks and all, that can all go to hell! I don’t care, you know? I don’t really give a shit about that kind of punk fuck!”
Zebraman (a 22 years old drunk Metalhead in 1986)

What the fuck happened to Zebraman 13 years later?

Zebraman (real name David Wine), as of 1999, is a Baltimore plumber into country music, stating he wasn’t really into metal anymore.)

Yes, Zebraman, the most convincing of them all, was in fact a poser.

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Heavy Metal Parking Lot (full documentary)

Sunday, June 7, 2020

The 10 Best Steel Panther Songs

David Lee Ralph of the Atomic Punks.  #PMRC PunkMetalRap.com
Ralph Saenz as David Lee Ralph
of the Atomic Punks
(Van Halen tribute band 1978-1984)
The Atomic Punks were so good that David Lee Roth, the real one, "stole" two of their guitarists and once wanted to get the entire band, except for his doppelganger David Lee Ralph.

For Michael Starr, lead singer of Steel Panther, Van Halen and David Lee Roth are EVERYTHING.

"Everything I did from that point on was basically influenced by Van Halen or wanting to be similar to David Lee Roth. It was pretty common for a lot of my peers to want to do the same, too. They were the first super heavy metal group from LA to break out and they’ve filtered into all of my bands. I don’t care if people accuse me of trying to be like David Lee Roth; I take that as a compliment. It’s an influence, and the reason it’s called an influence is because you put it in the pot, mix it up and make your own soup to serve everybody. I’ve been influenced by a bunch of guys over the years, but David Lee Roth has always been my main influence. He’s the king."

"The heroin of rock for me - Van Halen."

With Steel Panther, Michael Starr wanted to be just like Van Halen and David Lee Roth were at their peak in 1978-1984. Talented musicians, funny and sexy entertainers that women want to fuck and guys want to be.
Steel Panther Official Site

I probably love Steel Panther even more than Michael Starr loves Van Halen.

For me, Steel Panther is THE Ultimate Band.
For most of my life, I used to think that Guns N' Roses was the Ultimate Band but Steel Panther did the impossible by dethroning them. 

I don't like what GNR became. Chinese Democracy SUCKS big time!!! The original lineup was magic. Axl, Slash, Duff, Izzy, and Steven are the only five members that matter. The rest are/were Axl Rose's brown-nosed lackeys or employees. The only exception being Buckethead, amazing talent, unique look, and eccentric weirdo personality. Buckethead was the only one worthy of Guns N' Roses.

To me, just as Mötley Crüe lost their momentum when they fired Vince Neil after Dr. Feelgood. Guns N' Roses lost their identity thanks to the dictatorial fuckin' crazy attitude of W. Axl Rose (the WAR initiales aren't for nothing) who fired all original members one by one. My opinion.

Guns N' Roses vs Steel Panther.  #PMRC PunkMetalRap.com


Guns N' Roses vs Steel Panther.  #PMRC PunkMetalRap.com

Now, coming back to Steel Panther, Michael Starr was asked to do a Top 10 of his favorite Van Halen songs. Which gave me the idea to do my top 10 best Steel Panther songs. Since Steel Panther are my Van Halen.

The first 3 are my top 3. The first three Steel Panther songs that came to mind when I decided to write this article. The seven other songs required a little more reflexion. They are in no particular order.

1- Death To All But Metal (Feel the Steel, 2009)

The fuckin' anthem for any true Heavy Metal fan. Period.

2- Heavy Metal Rules (Heavy Metal Rules, 2019)

It could be considered as a close second true Heavy Metal anthem. 
Just like "Death To All But Metal", great music, great lyrics, great video.

3- Gods of Pussy (Heavy Metal Rules, 2019)

How to not love this awesome song and the music video? 
The lyrics, the video, the chicks... It's all me, baby!

4- Party All Day (Feel the Steel, 2009)

An excellent live band, never sloppy and too fucked up to perform. Steel Panther are always at their fuckin' best! High energy!

5- Eye Of A Panther (Feel the Steel, 2009)

Same as above. High energy and pure entertainment to see them live. They rules! They are the best!!

6- Hell's On Fire (Hole Patrol, 2003 as Metal Shop/Metal Skool)

Very Heavy Metal sound! I like Michael Starr's screamin' Metal voice on it!!

7- I Got What You Want 

Fuckin' great and high energy! Yes I know I repeat myself.

8- I Want Pussy 

What else do you want?! A bombastic performance as always and the fuck dolls were the cherry on top.

9- It Won't Suck Itself 

It says it all!

10- Love Rocket (Love Rocket '83 single, 2001 as Danger Kitty for a Discover® Card commercial)


I had to include it, because it's where everything started.

Asian Hooker (Feel the Steel, 2009); Stripper Girl (Hole Patrol, 2003 as Metal Shop/Metal Skool); Don't Stop Believing (2010s Journey cover) and much more...

All Steel Panther songs are catchy and high energy. No fillers, there is never a dull moment with Steel Panther.

I was raised or more accurately, choose to raise myself on Heavy Metal, pro wrestling, porn and maybe gangster movies?! 
Imagine if I had Steel Panther when I was 13 years old!!!
Holy shit!! I can't imagine what I would be today?!
Maybe an even more extreme version of myself.... Uhh

Anyway, just like I do everyday.

Listen and enjoy Steel Panther!




Health & Wealth


Steel Panther discography  #PMRC PunkMetalRap.com

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10 of the best STEEL PANTHER SONGS !!! The Static Age

Andy & Amy countdown their picks for 10 of the very best Steel Panther Songs !!

The Static Age

Steel Panther, the band that every rock musicians dream to be in. They are living the dream. A lot of girls, full stadiums, excellent catchy songs, talented musicians singing about titties and pussies in the #MeToo era. They are AWESOME! 

I agree with those two on the fact that their music, their ballads, their hook is better than those Metal bands of the 80s and 90s. And they sing about the real macho thing in their music. Stripper Girl, Community Property, aren't fake bullshit ballads about singing something and doing the opposite in reality. Read 'The Dirt' biography of Mötley Crüe and you will see that the reality of Heavy Metal & Glam Metal bands are closer to what Steel Panther sings about than anything else.

By the way, '17 Girls in a row' is possible! Take a look at The World's Luckiest Man (very appropriate title) porn movies where the protagonist fucks and/or gets blowjob by 101 Girls.

"Death To All But Metal" is indeed THE ANTHEM, period. The Crown Jewel!

Super talented, incredible musicians, amazing band who has all the ingredients to succeed. Commercial, fun metal! Their full show is fuckin' great entertainment!

They don't need to do covers of sub-bands anymore. They are the best of the best!




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Saturday, May 30, 2020


You met two girls, one with a 'I Kill Everything I Fuck' t-shirt and the other with a 'I Kill Everything I Fuck' t-shirt!? Sounds like a risky threesome.


GG Allin
Lyrics of 'I Kill Everything I Fuck'
from the album: Brutality & Bloodshed for All (1993)

I'm infected with AIDS
I fuck every day
I kill everything I fuck

I'm infected with AIDS
I fuck every day
I kill everything I fuck

I fill you up with my disease
Contaminate you with deadly needs
My loaded cock is like a gun
I'm a walking time bomb killing everyone

DIE! I'm infected with AIDS
I fuck everyday
I kill everything I fuck

I'm infected with AIDS
I fuck everyday
I kill everything I fuck

Let me be your stiff hard fuck
Cram your cunt with poisonous cock
Your hairy cunt will be my aim
Deadly penetration is my game

DIE! I'm infected with AIDS
I fuck everyday

Drenched in my fluids you'll never know
I plant the seed of death untold
Before I die, I hope I do
Kill many more, as I've killed you

DIE! I'm infected with AIDS
I fuck everyday
I'm infected with AIDS
I fuck everyday
I'm infected with AIDS
I fuck everyday
I'm infected with AIDS


Friday, May 29, 2020

Keith Richards Hangover Cure

Keith Richards professional hellraiser & hangover expert   #PMRC PunkMetalRap.com
Keith Richards professional hellraiser & hangover expert

After centuries upon centuries of drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes overindulgence. Keith Richards is certainly one of most qualified, if not the most overqualified hangover expert on planet Earth! He is certainly more knowledgable on the subject than any doctor will ever be. 

What Would Keith Richards Do?  #PMRC PunkMetalRap.com

Neither science nor religion could explain why Keith Richards survived so long poisoning his body and mind every way you could imagine. Even going as far as snorting his father's ashes!!!

Maybe his cure, his remedy, his secret for longevity and eternal life was finally exposed in the 1987 masterpiece of a movie 'Back To The Beach'. (The only part of the movie I remember is the Keith Richards' hangover remedy part. I finally found the movie title searching Google.)

The hangover cure Keith Richards swears by aka "Remède des Baboins":

  1. Pepsi
  2. Folgers Instant Coffee Crystals
  3. Alka-Seltzer
  4. Tylenol

Yes, it taste like shit!!!

As a teen, I've tried it - only mixing Pepsi with instant coffee since I couldn't identify the other ingredients - not to cure a hangover but to straight up before returning home after an evening of binging with my best buddy. All I can tell is that it's disgusting and taste like hell! If you haven't throw up from all the booze you have taken the "Remède des Baboins" will make you throw up.

I baptized it "Remède des Badoins" since as a early teen guy I glorified The Rolling Stones for being so damn rich, cool, and living the hedonistic rock n' roll lifestyle to its fullest (Ron Wood used to plug his ass with cocaine suppositories!!! You can't get more "fullest" than that!!!)  "Remède des Baboins" can be translated as "Baboons' Remedy" since The Rolling Stones of the 80s were already as ugly and wrinkled as they are today nearly four decades later.

The Rolling Stones (1989)   #PMRC PunkMetalRap.com
The Rolling Stones represented the Ultimate Millionaire Rock n' Roll Hedonists. Everything a 14 years old me wanted to be!

So many good memories...

Thursday, May 14, 2020

"I Don't Feel Tardy" Van Halen shirt worn by Michael Starr of Steel Panther

"I Don't Feel Tardy" shirt as worn by Michael Starr of Steel Panther in "Death To All But Metal" music video. #PMRC PunkMetalRap.com

"I Don't Feel Tardy" is a lyrics from the Van Halen song "Hot For A Teacher" from the album 1984. Van Halen being the all time favorite band of Steel Panther lead singer Michael Starr who used to be the vocalist for the David Lee Roth-era Van Halen tribute band Atomic Punks from May 1994 to December 2008, where he was known as David Lee Ralph.

David Lee Roth & Eddie Van Halen

I love Steel Panther

Steel Panther - Heavy Metal Rules  #PMRC PunkMetalRap.com
Stix Zadinia, Michael Starr, Lexxi Foxx, and Satchel.

Steel Panther is more addictive than I don't know the fuck what??!!
But believe me, Steel Panther is addictive. A very good and healthy addiction for once.

Steel Panther epitomizes everything glam metal is, was, and will forever be. The look, the attitude, the lyrics, and the music. And damn, their music is so freakin' damn good! All their songs are good, catchy songs with melody and straight to the point lyrics that you can clearly understand. Their music videos are damn excellent!!

Heavy Metal Rules. Death to all but Metal.

If there is a definition for music, it's Heavy Metal. And if there is a definition for Heavy Metal, it's Steel Panther.

Music = Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal = Steel Panther

Steel Panther was originally formed in Los Angeles, California, United States as Metal Shop in 1997, changed their name a couple of time before finally settling to Steel Panther in 2008.

Metal Shop (1997–2003)
Danger Kitty (2001)
Metal Skool (2003–2008)
Steel Panther (2008-Present)

Steel Panther is the Ultimate Glam Metal Band straight outta 1980s, UNCENSORED.

Band Members

Vocals: Michael Starr / Michael Diamond / David Lee Ralph / Michael Saenz (Ralph Saenz) 1997-Present
Guitar: Satchel / Rikki Ratchet (Russ Parrish) 1997-Present
Bass: Lexxi Foxx / Ginger Roxx (Travis Haley) 1997-Present
Drums: Blackhead (Ray Luzier1997-2003
Stix Zadinia (Darren Leader) 2003-Present


Love Rocket (2001) single

Hole Patrol (2003)

Feel The Steel (2009)

Balls Out (2011)

British Invasion (2012) live

All You Can Eat (2014)

Live From Lexxi's Mom's Garage (2016) live

Lower The Bar (2017)

Heavy Metal Rules (2019)

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