Friday, April 10, 2020

Adidas tracksuits and Corpse paint

Uratsakidogi Black Hop.
Uratsakidogi, Black Metal Hip Hop aka corpse paint in adidas tracksuits from Moscow, Russia.

Uratsakidogi Black Hop.

Black Metal with Hip Hop... Interesting mixture!

Uratsakidogi Black Hop.

Here is what Black Hop music, Black Metal mixed with Hip Hop, looks like (see the evolution of my comments after each video I've watched) :

The lyrics are good, the music is passable, and they look somewhat ridiculous.

Interesting lyrics, the music won't made it to my MP3 anytime soon, they look ridiculous!

This fuckin' song SUCKS! They act like dumbasses!!

By the way, why aren't you wearing PYGOD.COM gear instead of these fuckin' adidas shit!

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