Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Barack Obama was a GG Allin fan

Barack Obama was a GG Allin fan #PMRC

It is maybe legit or a photoshop work. 

  • Obama admitted that he did use alcohol, weed, and cocaine in his teenage years. (Maybe to emulate his idol GG Allin???)
  • Obama was born in 1961 and GG Allin started his career in 1974 around 18 years old.
  • GG Allin released Hated In The Nation (the album cover on Obama t-shirt) in 1987. Obama was 26 and worked as a community organizer at the time. 
  • Obama certainly looked like a cool youngster. 

GG Allin rock n roll musician who beats up his fans #PMRC

Has Barack Obama listened to G.G. Allin?

My verdict: The photo is a photoshop work. And I don't think he was a GG Allin fan. :-(

What is your verdict?

GG Allin  #PMRC
GG Allin, too edgy for the White House?!

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