Friday, April 17, 2020

Wattie Buchan is a nazi? I think I will cry...

Wattie Buchan nazi tattoo (The Exploited) #PMRC

The Exploited - Troops Of Tomorrow (swastika Sid Vicious shirt) #PMRC

Wattie Bochan posing with Murray Holmes (Guitarist in the iconic skinhead nazi band Skrewdriver), who also wears a shirt with the Blood & Honour Triskele.

Wattie Buchan posing with nazi skinhead band Haggis, the boneheads doing Sieg Heil.

and you should too

Never mind, The Exploited are and will forever be one of my favorite bands of all time. Actually, they are my third favorite band ever!

In fact, as a rebellious teenager, me thinking that The Exploited were a nazi punk band was part of their appeal. Their thrash metal sound, their street punk look, their rebellious lyrics... The Exploited was/is the total package in what a punk band should be.

With a song like 'Hitler's In The Charts Again' and seeing a young Wattie Buchan wearing a Sid Vicious swastika shirt on the cover of "Troops Of Tomorrow". It wasn't that hard to believe that The Exploited were nazi punk.

Sid Vicious iconic swastika red shirt. #PMRC
Sid Vicious never gave a flying fuck 

There shouldn't be anything taboo in extreme musics like Punk, Metal & Rap

Rebellious Black kids, one is sporting a swastika. #PMRC

Being universally "forbidden", the swastika is the only 
symbol with any shock value that remain.

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  2. I have done a lot of research on the subject:
    I've seen interviews where he sports his tattoos and always avoids his left arm.
    I'm a fan of the exploited,
    1) I don't consider him a Nazi since his former member was gay and Wattie knew it and never had a problem. Interview with J Duncan Words
    2) Wattie is short
    3) Willie Buchan is ugly xD.
    4) Wattie hits Braifa's drummer. It was because Braifa said British punk sucks.(said things and then ran)
    being a singer you can even photograph yourself with the F├╝hrer himself.

    conclusion: why would someone get that kind of tattoo? .derision?
    At first, he wore T-shirts with those symbols, perhaps a tattoo in honor of Sidvicious.
    Red eyes look devilish. that makes me think. I currently retouch the tattoo maybe remove it. I do not confirm.
    That people believe what they want, I keep the songs.
    people leave much to be desired.
    some singers say they are punk, hang out with models. and they have sexist behaviors. others are just metalheads stuck in punk bands, and they don't care about the public
    (Kelvin Morris)
    Reflection: you have to know how to separate the artist from the person.
    music is just music.
    If someone listen to 1000 artists, it won't be punk anymore. Someone can not listen and be more strongly.
    it is lifestyle.

  3. Do research on the swastika, it means something completely different before Hitler used It. It goes back thousands of years to many cultures and countries that used it before, it's stands for well being. But people are very ignorant and brainwashed.

    1. It has always been used as a shock value symbol anyway. Non-nazi punks like Sid Vicious and Johnny Rotten used to wear it regularly. Now in our cunt pleasing politically correct society, everything is perceived as offensive or hateful...

  4. I've never thought of Wattie/The Exploited as an out and out Nazi band, or believing in white supremecy etc.. but he's always been a little bit 'dodgy' that's the best way to describe it.

  5. No one ever says that The Hammer And Sickle is not forbidden or shocking and they (Communism) killed way more people than the Nazi's ever did. Is it because they won the war with the U.K. and U.S.A?

    1. Yes indeed, Stalin and Mao killed way more people than Hitler. And Mao is still revered in China??? WTF? It seem that the media are led by the leftist liberal snowflakes... Sadly.

  6. No one ever says that The Hammer And Sickle is not forbidden or shocking and they (Communism) killed way more people than the Nazi's ever did. Is it because they won the war with the U.K. and U.S.A?

    1. But the Hammer & Sickle on t-shirts and merch are accepted by society in general. While any nazi imagery is frowned upon and banned everywhere.

    2. The exploited sucks and fuck wattie. And most of you people commenting are as stupid as bricks. If this is "real punk" that fuck punk. You can have it back.

    3. fuck you too you little snowflake bitch! go listen to greenday and blink 182

    4. 100% agree with Unknown above. ­čĹŹ

  7. Fucking love wattie who gives a fuck wear what you want have a tattoo of what you want his body he can do what he likes i expect the same respect

  8. Not a Nazi he had no clue who the guy from skrewdriver was, he's best mates with the guys from oi polloi who have a song called "bash the fash". really don't think they would be hanging out with him if he was!

  9. Being White is being able to dismiss Nazism..or accept it - without true consequences. If these Whiteboys were directly affected by hate - they'd take a side immediately. Look at the bs Whiteboys will kill for " wearing a mask during a global pandemic.


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