Friday, May 29, 2020

Keith Richards Hangover Cure

Keith Richards professional hellraiser & hangover expert   #PMRC
Keith Richards professional hellraiser & hangover expert

After centuries upon centuries of drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes overindulgence. Keith Richards is certainly one of most qualified, if not the most overqualified hangover expert on planet Earth! He is certainly more knowledgable on the subject than any doctor will ever be. 

What Would Keith Richards Do?  #PMRC

Neither science nor religion could explain why Keith Richards survived so long poisoning his body and mind every way you could imagine. Even going as far as snorting his father's ashes!!!

Maybe his cure, his remedy, his secret for longevity and eternal life was finally exposed in the 1987 masterpiece of a movie 'Back To The Beach'. (The only part of the movie I remember is the Keith Richards' hangover remedy part. I finally found the movie title searching Google.)

The hangover cure Keith Richards swears by aka "Remède des Baboins":

  1. Pepsi
  2. Folgers Instant Coffee Crystals
  3. Alka-Seltzer
  4. Tylenol

Yes, it taste like shit!!!

As a teen, I've tried it - only mixing Pepsi with instant coffee since I couldn't identify the other ingredients - not to cure a hangover but to straight up before returning home after an evening of binging with my best buddy. All I can tell is that it's disgusting and taste like hell! If you haven't throw up from all the booze you have taken the "Remède des Baboins" will make you throw up.

I baptized it "Remède des Badoins" since as a early teen guy I glorified The Rolling Stones for being so damn rich, cool, and living the hedonistic rock n' roll lifestyle to its fullest (Ron Wood used to plug his ass with cocaine suppositories!!! You can't get more "fullest" than that!!!)  "Remède des Baboins" can be translated as "Baboons' Remedy" since The Rolling Stones of the 80s were already as ugly and wrinkled as they are today nearly four decades later.

The Rolling Stones (1989)   #PMRC
The Rolling Stones represented the Ultimate Millionaire Rock n' Roll Hedonists. Everything a 14 years old me wanted to be!

So many good memories...

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