Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Never too late to be Great (Steel Panther)

Steel Panther Celebration Day June 30, 2020.
"If you gonna look at music in the dictionary, it probably say see Metal. And if you gonna look at Metal in the dictionary, it say see Steel Panther." - Brendan Malloy

Who is Steel Panther?

As stated in their music video "Heavy Metal Rules", in June 16, 2009, Steel Panther predicted to be Great by June 30, 2020. 

"Seriously, 11 years and 14 days from right now in 2009. We will fuckin' cruising around in learjet and getting our dicks sucked by Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. Fuck, everyone gonna remember every word to every song."  - Stix Zadinia (Lead drummer of Steel Panther)

The date is June 30, 2020.

I don't know about Paris Hilton and Britney Spears but I can tell you they are touring the world and that the Fanthers (Steel Panther's fans with the same level of dedication as the Grateful Dead's Deadheads) remember and sing along "every word to every song."

Paris Hilton (age 39) & Britney Spears (age 38) were good choices as 
official Steel Panther's cocksuckers 2020 since they are still very fuckable! 

Believe me, Steel Panther's audience/ Fanthers know every word of every song. 

While Axl Rose's Appetite For Destruction singlehandly destroyed Guns N' Roses after 8 years of existence (1985-1993) and Mötley Crüe self-destroyed after a Decade Of Decadence (1981-1991) when some band members were not even 30 years old. 

Steel Panther by June 30, 2020. They already saved the world, one more time, from the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic with their "Concert To Save The World".

Our dudes from Steel Panther were late starters and hit success even later. Times, tastes, and the musical business have changed... And despite having all the talent in the world and even more, Steel Panther traveled a rocky road since 1997. Toiling in relative obscurity as cover band

So with my Fanther's Super-Powers, I declare June 30, Steel Panther Celebration Day. The first annual Steel Panther Celebration Day was evidently this year, June 30, 2020.

Steel Panther and Fanthers' ongoing mission: to bring Heavy Metal back to the masses.

Friday, June 25, 2021

DethkloK net worth

DethkloK net worth.

For those who don't know DethkloK (is it possible?). Here are some quick facts. 

Dethklok is the world's most popular and successful death metal band. Cannibal Corpse with 2.1 million Facebook followers in a parallel world.

Dethklok is the "World's Greatest Cultural Force". I thought it was the United States but it seems that it is Italy??? WTF?

Dethklok has a fanbase of billions of fanatics. Imagine the number of Likes on their fucking Facebook Page!!??!! No, not this one.

Dethklok are the World's Seventh Largest Economy.

That's the most interesting part to me. Since I fucking love Money!!!

Who are the world's largest economies?

The world's largest economies are countries that are classified by the humongousness of their GDP  (Gross Domestic Product ~ market value) For a more elaborate and accurate definition of GDP (and if you have hard time sleeping at night) I suggest that you read the Investopedia exposé about the GDP.


Currently the world's seventh largest economy is France with a GDP of US$2,938,271,000,000 = US$2.93 TRILLION

So, conservatively, DethloK market value/GDP/ net worth/whatever the fuck it is just above US$2,938,271 Million

Dethklok > US$2,938,271 Million = US$2.93 Trillion

Dethklok World's Seventh Largest Economy.
Dethklok would replace France at the 7th position of countries (largest economies) GDP list. 
And technically, France would replace Italy at the 8th place. But who cares?

That's it, now for all the nerdy Metalheads who red until the end. 
You now know that, as the World's Seventh Largest Economy, 
Dethklok net worth is US$2.93 TRILLION.

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Saturday, March 13, 2021

Satans Schlongs is the Modern-day Sex Seditionaries

 The first goal of Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLauren short-lived  SEX boutique (1974-1976) and Seditionaries clothing collection was to shock by breaking all taboos.

DESTROY shirt as worn by Johnny Rotten and Mick Jagger in The Sex Pistols vs. The Rolling Stones feud to see who's the most edgy band.

The Vivienne Westwood's swastika DESTROY shirt as worn by Johnny Rotten and Mick Jagger in The Sex Pistols vs. The Rolling Stones feud to see who's the most edgy and dangerous band in the world.

Mick Jagger, Steve Jones (Sex Pistols) & Vivienne Westwood all wearing the DESTROY swastika shirt.
Mick Jagger, Steve Jones (Sex Pistols) & Vivienne Westwood all wearing the DESTROY swastika shirt.

The swastika was and still is, now more than ever, the perfect symbol of provocation. At the time, punk rockers and Mick Jagger himself wore it for shock value only. Neither of them were nazi nor racist. Some offended snowflakes will certainly shed tears of blood seeing this.

Siouxsie Sioux with a young Billy Idol in the background.
Siouxsie Sioux with a young Billy Idol in the background. At right, you can see the Seditionaries gay cowboys t-shirt. And another swastika for the offended. It's called Nazi chic, snowflakes. But don't worry, there is also a Communist chic and even a Jihad Cool.

Malcolm McLauren & Vivienne Westwood 1976 wearing some X-rated explicit shirt of their creation.
Malcolm McLauren & Vivienne Westwood in 1976 wearing some X-rated explicit shirt of their creation. McLauren is wearing his Cambridge Rapist shirt and Westwood... well. See by yourself!

Malcolm McLauren x Vivienne Westwood 1977 Seditionaries collection still has some shock value to this date.

Lady Gaga seditionaries version of Snow white fucked by the 7 midgets.
Lady Gaga wears the Seditionaries' version of the Wall Disney classic: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. She seems to wear it often. "Snow White & The Six Punks".


2nd Part

Conservative old farts vs. Liberal snowflakes.
Conservative old farts vs. Liberal snowflakes. 
A quite similar pain in the ass!

At the time, the enemies were the conservative old farts but now we have the liberal snowflakes. Not really a change for the best.

Knowing this fact, what would be more "appropriate" and politically incorrect to shock the modern-day Moral Guards aka SJW aka Social Justice Warriors aka Liberal snowflaked aka the offended?

NSBM Black Metal

Personally I don't understand why National Socialist Black Metal, a sub-niche of another sub-niche of Heavy Metal music became the favorite target of the Antifa

Antifa Black Metal.
As seen on this meme, Antifa seems to target Black Metal as a whole. Good for them, they will have a little more people to hate and persecute.



3rd Part

With that being said, finally, I give you as promise, the Modern-Day Seditionaries.  


It seem that the anti-snowflake Satans Schlongs have everything in place to offend the offended. Just like the original punk rockers, and Mick Jagger, did in the 70s.

Take a look at this one:

It look even more bad ass when worn by a Black man.

Do you think he is into NSBM for real or he just want to offend the offended?

Would you dare to ask him?

Anyway, there is a lot more interesting "shock value" stuff on their website.

As the T-Shirt says: Are You Not OFFENDED?

SJW offended snowflake by excellence.

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Sunday, February 21, 2021

Eyes Tattooed Black's Satans Schlongs Member #JoinSatansSatans premium T-Shirt

Satans Schlongs member with eyes tattooed black, face tattoos, and fully tattooed wearing a Satans Schlongs promo t-shirt.


Join Satans Schlongs

Saturday, February 20, 2021

The Most un-punk "Punk" Compilation


Imagine a "Punk" Compilation with Huey Lewis And The News, Culture Club (Yes, Boy George), Eurythmics, The Human League... 
What a joke!

Huey Lewis, punk rock icon or old fart?

If you talk about anti-etablishment punk rockers, you can't be far away from it. Imagine the poor kid who settted some money aside to buy his CD or cassette. Attracted by the PUNK album art cover, he would buy it and become the laughing stock of his school.

Those two wig-wearing jackasses have no idea what punk is.

Monday, February 1, 2021

How to Be a Billionaire Narco-Dictator / Como ser un Narco Dictador Mil Millonario


How to Be a Billionaire Narco-Dictator / Como ser un Narco Dictador Mil Millonario. A question that many people might ask. Who wouldn't want an illimited supply of Money and absolute Power over everything. You don't need to follow the law. You are the law. A gold throne, sex slaves and machine gun-armed soldiers to protect yourself from some very dangerous enemies.

Handmade colored pencils Artwork by PYGOD.