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Friday, February 15, 2013

50 Cent - I Get Money

50 Cent - I Get Money

Music video by 50 Cent performing I Get Money. (C) 2007 Shady Records/Aftermath Records/Interscope Records

50 CENT  "I Get Money" (lyrics)
I get money, I get money, I get I get I get money (50)

I get money, money is got (I I get it)
I get money, money is got (I I get it)
I get money, money is got (Yeah)
Money I got, money is got (I run New York!)
I get money, money is got (I I get it)
I get money, money is got (I I get it)
I get money, money is got (Yeah yeah)
Money I got, money is got (I run New York!)

[Verse 1]
I take quarter water sold it in bottles for 2 bucks,
Coca-Cola came and bought it
For billions, what the f**k?
Have a baby by me; baby
Be a millionaire
I write the check before the baby comes,
Who the f**k cares
Im stanky rich
Ima die tryna spend this shit
Southside's up in in this bitch
Yeah i smell like the vault
I used to sell dope
I did play the block
Now i play on boats
In the south of France
Baby, St. Tropez
Get a tan? im already black
Rich? I'm already that
Gangsta, get a gat
Hit a head in a hat
Call that a riddle rap
Shit, f**k the chitter chat
I'm the baker, i bake the bread
The barber, i cut ya head
The marksman, i spray the lead
"I blood clot, chop ya leg"
Do not f**k with the kid
I get biz wit the cigg
I come where you live
Ya dead!

I get money, money is got (I I get it)
I get money, money is got (I I get it)
I get money, money is got (Yeah)
Money I got, money is got (I run New York!)
I get money, money is got (I I get it)
I get money, money is got (I I get it)
I get money, money is got (Yeah yeah)
Money I got, money is got (I run New York!)

[Verse 2]
You can call this my new shit
But it aint new tho
I got rid of my old bitch
Now i got new hoes
First is was the Benzo
Now im in the Enzo, Ferrari, im sorry!
I keep blowin up! (Oh!!)
They call me the cake man
The strawberry shake man
I spray the AR
Make your whole click breakdance
Backspin, headspin, flatline, ya dead then
9 shells, Mac-10,
"who wan get it crackin?!"
I was young, i couldnt do good
Now i cant do bad
I ride, wreck the new Jag
I just buy the new Jag
Now nigga why you mad?
Oh you cant do that
Im so forgetful, they callin me cocky
I come up out the jewler, they callin me Rocky
Its the ice on my neck man, the wrist and my left hand
Bling like BLAOW
You like my style
Ha ha im headin to the bank right now

I get money, money is got (I I get it)
I get money, money is got (I I get it)
I get money, money is got (Yeah)
Money I got, money is got (I run New York!)
I get money, money is got (I I get it)
I get money, money is got (I I get it)
I get money, money is got (Yeah yeah)
Money I got, money is got (I run New York!)

Yeah, I talk the talk, and I walk the walk
Like a teflon Don, but i run New York
When i come outta court, yea i pop the Colt
I keep it gangsta, have ya outlined in chalk
I I get it,
In the hood if ya ask about me
Theyll tell ya im bout my bread
I I get it,
Round the world if ya ask about me
Theyll tell ya they love the kid
I I get it,
Whoa Hey..
I I get it,
Whoa Hey..
I I get it,
Whoa Hey..
Whoa Hey..
I run New York!
Whoa Hey..
I I get it,
Whoa Hey..
I I get it,
Whoa Hey..
Yeah, yeah,
Whoa Hey..
I run New York!
I get money, money is got
Im back on the streets man,
I get money, money is got
Im bringin the heat man,
I get money, money is got
Im on my grind,
Money I got, money is got
Like all the time,
I get money, money is got
Tryna stop my shine,
I get money, money is got
Ill cock my 9
Dont get outta line,
Money I got, money is got
I said dont get outta line
I I get it..
I I get it..
Yeah, yeah.  

Monday, January 28, 2013

48 laws of power hip hop

We all know that most successful rappers are also acumen businessmen.  So the 48 Laws of Power is the book by excellence for those business-minded, money-hungry rappers.

The 48 Laws of Power (2000) is the first book by American author Robert Greene.  The book, an international bestseller, is a practical guide for anyone who wants power, observes power, or wants to arm himself against power.  It has sold over 1.2 million copies in the United States alone and is popular with famous rappers, entrepreneurs, celebrities, athletes and actors including 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Busta Rhymes, Ludacris, DJ Premier, Dov Charney, Brian Grazer, Andrew Bynum, Chris Bosh, and Will Smith.

The 48 Laws of Power has sold over 1.2 million copies in the United States and has been translated into 24 languages.  Fast Company called the book a "mega cult classic," and The Los Angeles Times noted that The 48 Laws of Power turned Greene into a "cult hero with the hip-hop set, Hollywood elite and prison inmates alike." The book has been featured in publications like CNN, Forbes, The Los Angeles Times, Entrepreneur magazine, The New York Times, The New Yorker, Newsweek, USA Today, The Guardian, Business Insider, Fast Company, ESPN, and Men’s Health.

The 48 Laws of Power is taught in business management classes and is one of the most requested books in American prison libraries.  The book is influential with a wide array of entrepreneurs, musicians, athletes, and movie stars. Dov Charney, founder and CEO of American Apparel, has handed out hundreds of copies of the book to friends and employees and frequently quotes the laws during board meetings (he would also later appoint Greene to American Apparel's board of directors).
50 Cent stated that he related to the book "immediately," and approached Greene with the prospect of a potential collaboration, which would later become The 50th Law, another New York Times bestseller. Busta Rhymes used The 48 Laws of Power to deal with problematic movie producers. DJ Premier has a tattoo inspired from Law #5, "Reputation is the cornerstone of power", on his arm and DJ Calvin Harris has an "Enter with boldness" arm tattoo based on Law #28.  The 48 Laws of Power has also been mentioned in songs by Jay Z, Kanye West, and Drake.  Former Cuban President Fidel Castro is also reported to have read the book

Hip-Hop Bible: '48 Laws of Power'

· Law 1 Never Outshine the Master
· Law 2 Never put too Much Trust in Friends, Learn how to use Enemies
· Law 3 Conceal your Intentions
· Law 4 Always Say Less than Necessary
· Law 5 So Much Depends on Reputation – Guard it with your Life
· Law 6 Court Attention at all Cost
· Law 7 Get others to do the Work for you, but Always Take the Credit
· Law 8 Make other People come to you – use Bait if Necessary
· Law 9 Win through your Actions, Never through Argument
· Law 10 Infection: Avoid the Unhappy and Unlucky
· Law 11 Learn to Keep People Dependent on You
· Law 12 Use Selective Honesty and Generosity to Disarm your Victim
· Law 13 When Asking for Help, Appeal to People’s Self-Interest, Never to their Mercy or Gratitude
· Law 14 Pose as a Friend, Work as a Spy
· Law 15 Crush your Enemy Totally
· Law 16 Use Absence to Increase Respect and Honor
· Law 17 Keep Others in Suspended Terror: Cultivate an Air of Unpredictability
· Law 18 Do Not Build Fortresses to Protect Yourself – Isolation is Dangerous
· Law 19 Know Who You’re Dealing with – Do Not Offend the Wrong Person
· Law 20 Do Not Commit to Anyone
· Law 21 Play a Sucker to Catch a Sucker – Seem Dumber than your Mark
· Law 22 Use the Surrender Tactic: Transform Weakness into Power
· Law 23 Concentrate Your Forces
· Law 24 Play the Perfect Courtier
· Law 25 Re-Create Yourself
· Law 26 Keep Your Hands Clean
· Law 27 Play on People’s Need to Believe to Create a Cultlike Following
· Law 28 Enter Action with Boldness
· Law 29 Plan All the Way to the End
· Law 30 Make your Accomplishments Seem Effortless
· Law 31 Control the Options: Get Others to Play with the Cards you Deal
· Law 32 Play to People’s Fantasies
· Law 33 Discover Each Man’s Thumbscrew
· Law 34 Be Royal in your Own Fashion: Act like a King to be treated like one
· Law 35 Master the Art of Timing
· Law 36 Disdain Things you cannot have: Ignoring them is the best Revenge
· Law 37 Create Compelling Spectacles
· Law 38 Think as you like but Behave like others
· Law 39 Stir up Waters to Catch Fish
· Law 40 Despise the Free Lunch
· Law 41 Avoid Stepping into a Great Man’s Shoes
· Law 42 Strike the Shepherd and the Sheep will Scatter
· Law 43 Work on the Hearts and Minds of Others
· Law 44 Disarm and Infuriate with the Mirror Effect
· Law 45 Preach the Need for Change, but Never Reform too much at Once
· Law 46 Never appear too Perfect
· Law 47 Do not go Past the Mark you Aimed for; In Victory, Learn when to Stop
· Law 48 Assume Formlessness

50 Cent joined force with the author of the 48 Laws of Power to create his own version, the 50th Law.

Ten Concepts of Fearlessness
  1. See Things For What They Are (Intense Realism)
  2. Make Everything Your Own (Self-Reliance)
  3. Turn Shit Into Sugar (Opportunism)
  4. Keep Moving (Calculated Momentum)
  5. Know When To Be Bad (Aggression)
  6. Lead From The Front (Authority)
  7. Know Your Environment From The Inside Out (Connection)
  8. Respect The Process (Mastery)
  9. Push Beyond Your Limits (Self-Belief)
  10. Confront Your Mortality (The Sublime)

The street wise Pimpin' Ken version of the 48 Law of Power.
A book that I read and re-read, I really enjoy this book.
In life you are either the pimp or the ho.  No in between.

You Must Buy These Book!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

G-Unit - Poppin' Them Thangs

G-Unit - Poppin' Them Thangs (Explicit Version)

Music video by G-Unit performing Poppin' Them Thangs. (C) 2003 G Unit/Interscope Records

"Poppin' Them Thangs"
[Hook x2]
[50 Cent]
Every hood we go through
All the gangstas around know my whole crew (nigga what)
We hold it down like we supposed to
Nigga you can front if you want, we be poppin' them thangs

[50 Cent]
After the VMAs my baby momma cuss my ass out.
I kicked her ass we back friends like Puffy and Steve Stout
Cut the grass around my clique so I could see these sneaks
You see back in the hood it's 'cause I see they fake
I preach a sermon about the paper like I'm creflo dollar
I'll pop you punk niggaz like I pop my collar
I'm confused; I like Megan, Monica and Mya.
Missy's freaky and Brandy's shy, uh
Now take a look at how my lifestyle changed up.
I'm on now, god damn it I done came up.
Now you could find me with the finest hoes.
Choosin' which whip to drive by what match my clothes.
I got a fetish for the stones, heavy on the ice man
If I ain't gotta pistol on me, sure I got a knife man
Get outta line and I'm lightin' your ass up.
Semi-automatic spray, I'll tighten your ass up (what)

[Hook x2]

[Lloyd Banks]
Slow down little nigga
Don't exceed your speed
'Cause I will put G's on they fitted like the Negro league
I got connects so I don't need no weed
I've been in LA for a year now
So I don't see no seeds
After I'm done you clappin' the crew
Hell yeah, I fuck fans
Guess what your favorite rapper does too
In a minute I'ma have the jeweler makin' my rims spin
My crew run wild at the Jamaica's at Kingston
Nothin' but bling bling in you face boy
That's why my neck shine like one of them shirts Puffy and Mase wore
I done find a nympho as soon as I pop a bra
She had my balls head first just like a soccer star
You can only stand next to the man if you proper
you'll take care of birds like a animal doctor
Been out and I'm buzzin' niggas just slept on me
So I'm out for revenge like one of Bin Laden's cousins

[Hook x2]

[Young Buc]
Read the paper, look at the news
We one the front page
Yeah we in the Bahamas with AK's on the stage
The ice and the Jacob watch make a broke nigga take somethin'
So I gotta keep the four fifth with no safety button
G-Unit getting' money
I know some artists is starvin'
But play the game like they rich to me this shit funny
I know you see me comin'
'Cause on the front of the Maybach
It say payback for those who hated on me
I hate when niggas claim they bangin' a gang
You ain't no crip like snoop
You ain't no blood like game
See I've been having beef
I have my own bullet proof vest
Most of my enemies dead I got about two left
Until my last breath I'm sendin' niggas bullet holes
Innocent bystanders get hit tryin' to be heroes
You know how we roll
Every where that we go
It's fo' fos', calicos, and desert eagles (yeah)

[Hook x2]