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Thursday, May 14, 2020

"I Don't Feel Tardy" Van Halen shirt worn by Michael Starr of Steel Panther

"I Don't Feel Tardy" shirt as worn by Michael Starr of Steel Panther in "Death To All But Metal" music video. #PMRC

"I Don't Feel Tardy" is a lyrics from the Van Halen song "Hot For A Teacher" from the album 1984. Van Halen being the all time favorite band of Steel Panther lead singer Michael Starr who used to be the vocalist for the David Lee Roth-era Van Halen tribute band Atomic Punks from May 1994 to December 2008, where he was known as David Lee Ralph.

David Lee Roth & Eddie Van Halen

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

2001 Documentary on 80s Hair Metal

2001 Documentary on 80s Hair Metal

(Just interviews, music edited out.) Interesting profile featuring interview clips with Dee Snider, Rob Halford, Phil Collen, CC DeVille, Kip Winger, Jani Lane, Slash, Bret Michaels, Richie Sambora, filmmaker Penelope Spheeris and many others. Hosted by Shannen Doherty, they talked first about the pioneers of metal in the 70s going into the early part of the decade (Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and especially Van Halen) and how it started off in the early 80s as more underground music that edgy dudes listened to, but started going more mainstream with kids and female fans because of MTV exposure circa 1983. This unexpectedly sparked the PMRC and especially conservative religious parents of teenagers to be against it as it gained popularity. They even showed a flashback clip of this one bitch talking about her "de-metal-ing" program to get kids out of heavy metal clothes and albums. On the flip side, afterwards they covered how the rise of pop influenced mainstream metal bands like Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, Poison, Motley Crue (though they were the heaviest of the pop bands) and Def Leppard's Hysteria album made it really accessible by 1987. They also covered the heavier, louder thrash metal in contrast to the mainstream stuff, and Guns N Roses kinda bridging the gap between the two genres later on. Then finished with how the glam bands started getting overexposed which paved the way for grunge rock in 1991. After the hair bands faded, it was only the heavier bands like Metallica (that weren't trendy) who kept being popular.

80's Pop Metal - the best years ever

MTV came from the 80's heavy metal

Friday, May 17, 2019

Headbangers Ball Uncensored documentary

As Headbangers Ball's VJ Riki Rachtman would say Heavy Metal is everything that is "loud and fast".
That's the reason why Headbangers Ball aired everything from Bon Jovi to Napalm Death including grunge and punk.

Headbangers Ball shirt.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Britny Fox - Girlschool

Kim Anderson in Britny Fox GirlSchool video

Britny Fox - Girlschool (official video 1989)

Glam Metal and teenage sluts. You can't ask any better!

Britny Fox - Girl School (Lyrics)

A school bell rings off the day,
Brings in a stray a few girls at play.
Cut school pink slips are fine
For a good time there's boys on their mind.

A bad girl smoking in school,
Breaking the rules acting real cool.
Talkin' 'bout all the rock boys,
Back seat joys with some boy's toy.

At the girl school, cause my baby broke all the rules.

Saddle shoes uniforms blue,
Love all the girls in the girl school.
Traffic jam in the hallway
Ooh I'm gonna stay this makes my day.

Well here they come girls from the school,
Breakin' the rules hot on the loose.
My girl left right from school,
Came over to my house, ooh...

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuff - American Hair Band

After 15 years TUFF is still rocking stages in the U.S. & the U.K.! TUFF has re-launched its name into the ears of rock fans everywhere with their most recent (2001) smash hit “American Hair Band”. This 80s Metal Anthem has helped to re-recognize a genre of music that was all but dead. KISS did their official make-up re-union in 1996 & Poison soon followed. These bands have helped to once again pave the way for an entire decade that TUFF has always firmly embraced & acknowledges proudly with this amazing new song “American Hair Band”.

Tuff - American Hair Band

Tuff - American Hair Band lyrics

Tuff - American Hair Band HD 

TUFF "American Hair Band" - 80s Metal

Tuff Lyrics

"Tuff American Hair Band lyrics"

Yeah, well I've been up and been down, town to town with several bands,
Then tortured for ten long years by critics, agents and the A&R man, and some bandwagon fans.
It's time to stand up, fight back, be proud and once again be free,
So if you want a piece of me, come and get it!

Kurt Cobain is gone but I'm back
Wearing leather pants and a backwards hat
Guitars slung low
Where the down boys go
The night trains back so on with the show
I'm Metal Health
And dressed to thrill
I'm an SMF with the looks that kill
I rocked and rolled, n' long hair is back
And I grew up, singing Strutter, And Back, in Black
I'm going back to eighty-nine
I went Platinum zero times
You're in the jungle sweet child o'mine
I want another piece of that cherry pie

Chorus #1: (Oooooohhhhhh)
They call 'em hairbands
Leather jacket in black
Throw your hands in the air
Yeah we're bringing it back
N' Say (Shout, Shout) At the Devil again
And Say (Shout, Shout) At the Devil my friend
So Say (Shout, Shout) never letting it end and say (Shout, Shout, Shout, Shout) yeah…(Bad Medicine)

I like Old Van Halen and Hanoi Rocks
Black n' Blue and Britny Fox
Guns n' Roses, Motley Crue
When Def Leppard rocked and Skid Row ruled
Yeah, Ratt went round n' round
Rocking out in Boston, get loud in Chi-town
Vandenberg, Priest, Dok-ken, Kix
Throwing Faster Pussycat in the mix (P-P-P-P-P-Pussycat)
Give me L.A. Guns & The Dangerous Toys
Quiet Riot, Bang Tango & Bullet Boys
Love Johnny Crash grunge bands are trash
I like C.C. DeVille, Mick Mars, and Slash

Chorus: #2

Yeah, I saw your grunge band, staring at your shoes on stage, wearing that dirty flannel shirt,
when you gonna learn dirtball, you just can't f**k with Twisted Sister.
"What are you going to do with your life"?

I'm an American hairband
Watch me rock
You can raise your hands
Or you can suck my c**k
Heavy Metal God
I'm a Pin-up boy
I'm the singer from Tuff not Pretty Boy Floyd
Super loud and Super wild
Sebastian Bach is youth gone wild
Diamond Dave and Nikki Sixx
I wanna see Tommy Lee back spinning those sticks
Up all night, gonna sleep all day
I love girls; girls, girls and I love L.A.
I won't waste my breath, but here's a clue
Give Pearl Jam & Eddie a big f**k you
Who cares about Weezer and the Screeming Trees
When we got White Lion
And of course the Sleeze Beez
If you wanna rock n' roll then read my lips
Let's shout it out loud
For a band named KISS

Chorus: (Oooooohhhhhh)
They call 'em hairbands
Wearing leather and black
So throw your hands in the air
Now we're bringing it back
N' Say (Shout, Shout) At the Devil again
And Say (Shout, Shout) At the Devil my friend
So Say (Shout, Shout) never letting it end and say (Shout, Shout, Shout, Shout) yeah,

I'm a hairband wanted dead or alive
Singing (Shout, Shout, Shout, Shout)
I wanna rock n' roll in the still of the night
Say (Shout, Shout, Shout, Shout)
Gonna take you down to the Paradise city
And (Shout, Shout, Shout, Shout)
Everybody let's sing talk dirty to me

Monday, January 14, 2013

Stryper - Soldiers Under Command (official video)

Stryper - Soldiers Under Command

Christian Heavy Metal at his best.  Stryper are without a doubt the most famous Christian Heavy Metal band ever.


Soldiers Under Command[Verse 1]
We are the soldiers under God's command
We hold His two-edged sword within our hands
We're not ashamed to stand up for what's right
We win without sin, it's not by our might
And we're fighting all the sin
And the good book -- it says we'll win!

Soldiers, Soldiers, under command
Soldiers, Soldiers, fighting the Lords battle plan

[Verse 2]
Are you a soldier under God's command
Help fight the good fight, join us while you can
The battle that's waiting is fought so easily
Through Him, without sin there is victory
And were fighting all the sin
And the good book -- it says we'll win!

[Repeat Chorus]

album: "Soldiers Under Command" (1985)

1. Soldiers Under Command
2. Makes Me Wanna Sing
3. Together Forever
4. First Love
5. The Rock That Makes Me Roll
6. Reach Out
7. (Waiting For) A Love That's Real
8. Together As One
9. Surrender
10. Battle Hymn Of The Republic

Stryper - Free

Stryper - Free (Original Music Vídeo)
Christian Heavy Metal

STRYPER - Free (lyrics)

Free to turn away - say goodbye
Free to walk away - and deny
The gift waiting for you
Whispers a still small voice
It's your choice - you're..


Free - Free to do what you want to
Choose your own destiny
Free to do what you want to
Free to open up - and believe
Free to simply ask - and receive
There's no better time than now
You've got the right to choose
You can't lose - you're...
[Repeat Chorus]