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Friday, April 17, 2020


I love this pic!

Two blonde twin sisters with perfect fake boobs.

Haggis (Norway) - The Impecable Glory of Eternal War (Full album)

Norwegian punk/Oi! Full album released in 2008

1 - Enlist Today
2 - Four Black Eyes
3 - Short Arsed Plague
4 - The Impeccable Glory Of Eternal War
5 - The Vikings Are Cumming ...Again!
6 - I Don't Like You
7 - Shame 69
8 - I Work Like A Nigger
9 - Society's Great
10 - Teethgrinding
11 - You're A Cop
12 - So Gay
13 - Flatfoot
14 - My Horse
15 - Send The Poor To War
16 - Wigger

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Wattie Buchan is a nazi? I think I will cry...

Wattie Buchan nazi tattoo (The Exploited) #PMRC

The Exploited - Troops Of Tomorrow (swastika Sid Vicious shirt) #PMRC

Wattie Bochan posing with Murray Holmes (Guitarist in the iconic skinhead nazi band Skrewdriver), who also wears a shirt with the Blood & Honour Triskele.

Wattie Buchan posing with nazi skinhead band Haggis, the boneheads doing Sieg Heil.

and you should too

Never mind, The Exploited are and will forever be one of my favorite bands of all time. Actually, they are my third favorite band ever!

In fact, as a rebellious teenager, me thinking that The Exploited were a nazi punk band was part of their appeal. Their thrash metal sound, their street punk look, their rebellious lyrics... The Exploited was/is the total package in what a punk band should be.

With a song like 'Hitler's In The Charts Again' and seeing a young Wattie Buchan wearing a Sid Vicious swastika shirt on the cover of "Troops Of Tomorrow". It wasn't that hard to believe that The Exploited were nazi punk.

Sid Vicious iconic swastika red shirt. #PMRC
Sid Vicious never gave a flying fuck 

There shouldn't be anything taboo in extreme musics like Punk, Metal & Rap

Rebellious Black kids, one is sporting a swastika. #PMRC

Being universally "forbidden", the swastika is the only 
symbol with any shock value that remain.

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