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Monday, February 1, 2021

How to Be a Billionaire Narco-Dictator / Como ser un Narco Dictador Mil Millonario


How to Be a Billionaire Narco-Dictator / Como ser un Narco Dictador Mil Millonario. A question that many people might ask. Who wouldn't want an illimited supply of Money and absolute Power over everything. You don't need to follow the law. You are the law. A gold throne, sex slaves and machine gun-armed soldiers to protect yourself from some very dangerous enemies.

Handmade colored pencils Artwork by PYGOD.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Satans Schlongs Clothing Collection


Satans Schlongs Collection can be described by three things.

  1. High Quality Premium Products.
  2. Streetwear.
  3. And most importantly, provocative and controversial handmade pencil colored artwort drawn by PYGOD.

You can get this T-shirt on

Monday, April 27, 2020

Who the fuck is PYGOD.COM?


PYGOD.COM is a One-Man Conglomerate, a capitalist, a creative genius, a world builder, a misanthrope, a pornosexual, a recluse, a Libertarian, antifragile, and certainly a man of extremes.

The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom. #PMRC

However he soon learned to use his energy supply for constructive manners instead of self-destructive vices.

PYGOD.COM is a firm believer that:
  • Moderation leads to Mediocrity.
  • Excess leads to Excellence.

PYGOD.COM loves to write and blog about his 4 passions: 
  1. MONEY
  2. Porn
  3. Wrestling
  4. Heavy Metal

PYGOD.COM is currently leading to his T-Shirts Mega Shop because it's his cash-cow. But next year it could be leading to webcam babes or anything else that will earn him the most Money.

Health & Wealth

Monday, April 20, 2020

What got me into Heavy Metal?

Eve giving Adam the forbidden fruit  #PMRC

What got me into Heavy Metal was the attraction to the forbidden fruit.

I was about 13 years old, I was frequenting a Catholic school where the nuns were the teachers, and it was during the Satanic Panic of the 80s. 

I was reading a pop music magazine (WOW mag I think?) in the section were readers can post their questions and be answered in the next month issues.

First there was this picture, Iron Maiden's singer Bruce Dickinson looking diabolical with vampire fangs.

Bruce Dickinson vampire fangs picture (Iron Maiden) #PMRC

A young reader asked: Are Iron Maiden possessed by the devil?
The journalist answered him with the simple and reasonable truth, unlike the nuns at the time. He, I suppose he was a guy, answered that Heavy Metal musicians aren't possessed by the devil because they use snake, skulls, etc as shock value. And that Heavy Metal music is a big fuck you to the etablished authorities like church, government, and parents. Then, that's where the magic happened, he listed several Heavy Metal bands.

The bands listed in the article were:

They were the 10 Heavy Metal bands in no particular order. The 10 bands that I will never ever forget to this day.

It was magic!
I was hooked forever!
The visual was shocking! The album covers, the music videos, the musicians' look, everything was fascinating!!
And the music was fucking great!
And more importantly, it was "forbidden" and frowned upon!!!
A match made in heaven...
or hell.

These bands were the EXTREME!
These bands personified everything that was deemed as EVIL at the time!
And I liked it!

Me reading this article, not even an article actually, an answer, it was a defining moment that changed my life forever and most likely derailed my entire future. At that moment, my obsession with Heavy Metal made me an outsider, an outcast, and even some kind of freak. Remember, it was during the satanic panic and I was frequenting a catholic school. Anyway, it was my choice to fully embrace Heavy Metal!

Since then, everything I did, do or will do.
I can say...
Heavy Metal made me do it  PYGOD.COM

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