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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Changing the fucking logo one more time but not the name this time!

This very website started as PMRC Punk-Metal-Rap-Coalition and still to be named this to this day. As a pun intended to the notorious PMRC.

It's started with diverse URLs. 
The first was (now-defunct)
Then the very long (Rest In Peace).
And finally and for good... I think... the most perfect name you can get for this website.

A couple of logo changes too. (click on each logo to??? See more of them?!)

The first, (December 2012)

PMRC Punk-Metal-Rap-Coalition first logo.
as a pun intended to the PMRC, I've used music's greatest creation, the Tipper Sticker as the centerpiece of this logo and website. 

Oh shit! I've almost forgot this one. (May, 2019) bastard interim "logo".
He doesn't really count since it was like an interim kind of thing. Just after I've the name/url.

The second third, (March 2020) Tipper Sticker (once again) second logo.
Still thinking that the Tipper Sticker was the coolest logo to ever exist. It once again starred at the centerpiece of PunkMetalRap logo. However I've had some backlashes when came the time to do merchandises with it. Since the Tipper Sticker is already copyrighted by I don't know who, but I'm pretty sure it's not Tipper Gore or any of the Washington Wives! How in the world such a bunch of old frustrated skanks inadvertently invented the greatest badge of honor and seal of disapproval that an artist can get on his album?! Even to this day, an album that didn't have the Tipper Sticker on isn't worth my attention.

And the third fourth and last one (I hope so?!) March 31, 2020.
As I needed to distancing myself from my their beloved Tipper Sticker. I'd go for the safest value I could get, MY infinity logo.

PYGOD.COM infinity circle tattoo. PYGOD.COM kutte crest.
PYGOD.COM official kick-ass badass logo.

But couldn't look too straight and square. wordmark logo. wordmark logo. wordmark & brandmark logo. wordmark & brandmark logo. wordmark & brandmark full flag logo. wordmark & brandmark full flag logo.

Now let's compare the 3, once upon a time, official logos side by side.

Monday, May 20, 2019 logo

PMRC Punk Metal Rap Coalition new website address and fuckin' crazy logo!!!

If you're a real Rebel and not a fuckin' pussy!
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