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Monday, October 31, 2016

Guns N' Roses members then and now

Here I'm talking about the five original Guns N' Roses members since I've never gave a damn about the many employees that followed.

It is surprising to see that despite years of heavy smoking, alcohol abuse, drug overdoses, party lifestyle and venereal diseases they still look good and "healthy".

Axl Rose then now
Axl Rose (singer) then now (age 54)

Slash then now
Slash (lead guitarist) then now (age 51)

Duff McKagan then now
Duff McKagan (bassist) then now (age 52)

Izzy Stradlin then now
Izzy Stradlin (guitarist) then now (age 54)

Steven Adler then now
Steven Adler (drummer) then now (age 51)

Guns N Roses debut in 1985
Guns N Roses debut in 1985
Izzy, Axl, Slash, Duff, Steven

Guns N Roses today Duff Axl Slash 2016
Guns N Roses today Duff Axl Slash 2016

Guns N Roses then now

Guns N Roses Hall Of Fame 2012
Guns N Roses in 1987
then 25 years later at the Rock n' Roll Hall Of Fame 2012

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Izzy Stradlin look alike Richard Fortus

Guns N' Roses (now known as Axl Rose Band) chief commander Axl Rose has the nasty habit of employing scabs looking like the original GN'R lineup members.  After getting the Izzy Stradlin look-a-like Richard Fortus and the Slash look-a-like DJ Ashba.  Now Axl needs a Duff McKagan knock-off and a Steven Adler rip-off.  And maybe a clone of himself, just in case he get fired... by himself.

Izzy Stradlin

The real one, Izzy Stradlin

Keep your shirt on Richard.  I don't think Izzy got the same tattoo.

Slash impersonator DJ Ashba


Slash vs Buckethead