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Thursday, May 14, 2020

I love Steel Panther

Steel Panther - Heavy Metal Rules  #PMRC
Stix Zadinia, Michael Starr, Lexxi Foxx, and Satchel.

Steel Panther is more addictive than I don't know the fuck what??!!
But believe me, Steel Panther is addictive. A very good and healthy addiction for once.

Steel Panther epitomizes everything glam metal is, was, and will forever be. The look, the attitude, the lyrics, and the music. And damn, their music is so freakin' damn good! All their songs are good, catchy songs with melody and straight to the point lyrics that you can clearly understand. Their music videos are damn excellent!!

Heavy Metal Rules. Death to all but Metal.

If there is a definition for music, it's Heavy Metal. And if there is a definition for Heavy Metal, it's Steel Panther.

Music = Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal = Steel Panther

Steel Panther was originally formed in Los Angeles, California, United States as Metal Shop in 1997, changed their name a couple of time before finally settling to Steel Panther in 2008.

Metal Shop (1997–2003)
Danger Kitty (2001)
Metal Skool (2003–2008)
Steel Panther (2008-Present)

Steel Panther is the Ultimate Glam Metal Band straight outta 1980s, UNCENSORED.

Band Members

Vocals: Michael Starr / Michael Diamond / David Lee Ralph / Michael Saenz (Ralph Saenz) 1997-Present
Guitar: Satchel / Rikki Ratchet (Russ Parrish) 1997-Present
Bass: Lexxi Foxx / Ginger Roxx (Travis Haley) 1997-Present
Drums: Blackhead (Ray Luzier1997-2003
Stix Zadinia (Darren Leader) 2003-Present


Love Rocket (2001) single

Hole Patrol (2003)

Feel The Steel (2009)

Balls Out (2011)

British Invasion (2012) live

All You Can Eat (2014)

Live From Lexxi's Mom's Garage (2016) live

Lower The Bar (2017)

Heavy Metal Rules (2019)

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Thursday, January 3, 2013


Pretty hilarious!  A PMRC rip-off 20 years too late.  I thought, and still think it is a joke.  Those kind of mothers organisations make me love metal even more.

Thank you PARMM
Look at the PARMM logo, lol.
Nice idea for a tattoo.

Here below are the only 4 pages website of the P.A.R.M.M. (Parents Against Reprehensible Metal Music)

 What the fuck with that public enemy list.  I've never heard of Chaos Crypt and Tygers Of Pan Tang.  So how can a middle age woman be in crusade against them???  Kix and Saxon?  WTF?

PARMM Public Enemites 1-8

The PMRC Filthy Fifteen

Now that Metal music is less popular than in the 80s, the new religious "rightful" fanatics and extremists black sheep is Goth music.  Parents Against Goth aka God Hates Goth is the 2000s ' PMRC without any power.  Look at the links below and have a good laugh.



PARMM 's website images are from:

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

W.A.S.P. - 95 N A S T Y

W.A.S.P. - 9.5. N A S T Y       (HQ + Lyrics)

W.A.S.P.   9.5.  N.A.S.T.Y.

One woman down my street is too hot for the average man
Hard to handle, a fire in her eyes
Wants the hot rocks right in her hand
I know she's burning, hot with love
A come-on look and she ain't fooling
And she knows just what it does
She gave me a number to make me feel fine
Said call me up baby
It's gonna 9.5. - N.A.S.T.Y.
You're everything I need
'Cause I want what you're giving
I'm yours to do with what you please
N.A.S.T.Y., you're everything I need
'Cause I want what you're giving
I'm yours to do with what you please

Ooh - no mama's baby, this child
She's a killer wrapped in high-heel shoes
Touch the skin - it burns like fire
I don't even care if I'm being used
Threw me down and then she tore off my jeans
She said, come on, babe, I mean business
I'm gonna show you what liberation means

Do it to me baby
I'm losing my mind
Said call me up honey
Tonight I'm 9.5. - N.A.S.T.Y.
You're everything I need
'Cause I want what you're giving
I'm yours to do with what you please
N.A.S.T.Y., you're everything I need
'Cause I want what you're giving
I'm yours to do with what you please

Some bad habits are hard to break
Like an earthquake coming
I got to shake, shake, shake

9.5. - N.A.S.T.Y.
You're everything I need
'Cause I want what you're giving
I'm yours to do with what you please

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Friday, December 28, 2012

W.A.S.P. - Inside The Electric Circus HQ [Lyrics]

What's better than good old motherfuckin' heavy metal to start off this fuckin' blog. Let's get it on with W.A.S.P. the number 1 enemy of the PMRC (Parents Music Resource Center otherwise known as a bunch of old skanks in crusade against Heavy Metal music)

W.A.S.P. - Inside The Electric Circus HQ [Lyrics] - 3:28

Classic hair metal albums uploaded every week! Lyrics below!

A scream unlock the cage
The roars rock the stage
Hunger of the animals are calling
Thrive upon the rage
Raw prints on the page
The room's going wild, walls are falling
Lights shine illumination bright
Reveal all the madness here tonight

Welcome, I bid your welcome, to live
Inside the electric circus
Hang on,hang on to your life
The animals are all insane - God help us

Electricity to burn
Amplifiers churn
Three ring madhouse calls the action
It's life upon the road
Insane asylum grows
Night after night, the main attraction
A strange world that you might want to know
When it comes alive - crank, crank, crank, crank the show

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