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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Steel Panther AKA Danger Kitty - Love Rocket (2001)

Discover® Card commercial (2001)

 "The year was 1983 and Danger Kitty released their hit single 'Love Rocket'. With it came instant fame and fortune. They bought mansions, cars and the finest women's clothing. But by 1984 the fans left, the fortune was gone and the dream was over. Desperate for money, Danger Kitty last performed at the Smuckler bar mitzvah."

Love Rocket lyrics:

"I want you,
You want satisfaction
But are you ready for a...
Nuclear reaction!?
I'm your - Love rocket!
Love rocket!
To feel the burn, well... you just have to unlock it
I'm your - Love rocket!"

Danger Kitty biography

The year was 1983. Rock and Roll was in a season of change. Punk Rock was on the downturn, anti-establishers were establishing, and gone were the days of "just be yourself". People were looking to be someone else. They were looking for an escape, for a new sound. Well, lucky for them, the music industry, and purveyors of fine hairsprays worldwide, just such a sound was being formed in a tiny garage outside the town of Mulch, WV. It was a sound that would soon blow the roof off the Rock and Roll industry, not to mention the tops off of millions of adoring young fans. The sound would be known as Glam Rock. The band would be known as Danger Kitty. This is their story.

Packing all their gear and fashion accessories into an old, rusted out funeral hearse, Danger Kitty set off for L.A. in January of 1983 with dreams of making it big some day. "Hey, if we can rock the @#?! out of the bars in Mulch, we can rock the @#?! out of the bars in L.A," lead singer Michael Diamond would say. "Rock and Roll has no boundaries, man! @#?! yeah!"

However, once in the city, it seemed that a life of poverty was never far away. Since Rock and Roll was in a transition phase, some bars were reluctant to let the new sound of Danger Kitty loose. It wouldn't be until about two months after their arrival that they got their first big break. It just so happened that the lead singer for "Bust You in the Mouth" came down with a severe case of pink eye causing the band to cancel their show at the Hollywood Hills Starstruck Inn. Needing a replacement band quickly, Starstruck manager, Eduardo Navas, made the call to Danger Kitty. "If it hadn't been for Eduardo's foresight, man, who knows where we'd be," Diamond would say. "Maybe the Blue Marlin Inn."

Pretty soon it was a gig here and a gig there. More gigs here, more gigs there. Things began to pick up for Danger Kitty. Their dreams were beginning to materialize. And in a relatively short period of time, they had developed a large following of fellow ascot-around-the-knee wearers. The future was bright.

It was the Spring of 1983 when the bomb exploded. Danger Kitty began to take the club scene by storm. Rocking out tunes like " Bang On The Wall Of Rock" and "Venom In My Veins", Danger Kitty was soon selling out venues and raising industry eyebrows. But it wasn't until they released "Love Rocket" would the world really know what it meant to wear leopard print pants. "Love Rocket" rocketed them to instant stardom. They signed a megamillion dollar deal with Bouffant Records and toured the states the way a tornado tours a trailer park. They were the epitome of rock stars. There was nothing they couldn't have. Nothing they wouldn't buy. The lead guitarist, Rikki Ratchet, even bought his pet elephant a manicurist. It was Glam Rock at its mightiest. And it was the beginning of the end for Danger Kitty.

In October of 1983, the mascara had begun to run. Overspending, poor money management and copycat Glam Rockers soon knocked Danger Kitty off the teased hair scene. Achieve a little fame, get a little money and buy the most expensive women's clothing you could find. It was an all too familiar path traveled by a many would-be rock stars who let the success go to their heads. Danger Kitty had fallen into the trap and by February of 1984, their assault on the fashion industry had come to a screeching halt.

Reduced to private parties and PTA meetings, Danger Kitty frontman, Michael Diamond, kept a positive outlook during the lean years. "Look man," said Diamond "life runs in circles. Boxer shorts, man? They're back. Back in a big way. And platform shoes? Back. Now, will Glam Rock be back? Man, I don't know. But what I do know is boxer shorts and platform shoes - and they're back, man. They're back."

Words never rang truer, for only a couple months ago, Danger Kitty was approached by Discover Card to star in their latest ad campaign. It took all of about 2.3 seconds for the band to come back to Discover Card with a resounding, "$@#! yeah, dude, what are you kidding us, of course, where do we sign, anyone got a pen?!!"

The Kitty was back.

"Listen man," Diamond said after signing the Discover Card deal, "if selling out to these corporate, fascist, pinko-lovin', yes-men is what we've got to do to get back to the top, then that's what we're gonna do. They're giving us exposure, a cd deal, a sponsored gig or two, and some of those really nice frilly things you attach to your sleeve to look like a pirate. It's cool, man. It's cool."

Yes, Michael, it is cool. Now the only question that remains is if the world will think it cool. Are they ready for another onslaught of ripped jeans, teased hair, and uninspired lyrics? No one knows for sure. But, if Danger Kitty can return to their magical 1983 form, well, let's just say hairspray sales should dramatically increase.


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Friday, May 1, 2020

Steel Panther - Heavy Metal Rules [Official Video, lyrics & T-shirt]

Steel Panther - Heavy Metal Rules  #PMRC

A really nice music video with a lot of boobs!!!

Steel Panther - Heavy Metal Rules (Lyrics)

Couldnʼt make no money as a singer Didnʼt seem to get too far
So I sell pot brownies and Vicodin From the back seat of my car Movinʼ back to Chicago
Gonna rest my achinʼ head Spotify took my last 2 cents And the butter for my bread

Gene Simmons said it Rock and roll is dead

I never did it for the money I only did it to get laid
But I canʼt buy shots for the ladies If thereʼs no way to get paid
Now I canʼt get make money on my good looks Canʼt make it on applause
So I sell nose beers to the kiddos And thumb my own nose at the laws

But Iʼm never ever gonna stop playing Even though rock and roll ainʼt paying Cuz heavy metal rules
Heavy metal rules Heavy metal rules
And everybody else can suck my fucking dick

Gonna make my money stealing hub caps
And selling black tar on the streets Taking handbags from old ladies
While they respond to Trumpyʼs Tweets Apple came to town a ringing
A death knell for the band
If I canʼt make money selling records Gonna make it any way I can

And Iʼm gonna keep on rocking your ass
As long as Iʼm on the right side of the grass Cuz Heavy Metal rules

Heavy Metal rules
Heavy Metal rules!
Madonna, she’s a dick!
That punk shit belongs on Mars!
Dokken, Van Halen,
They all fucking Rule!!!!
And everybody else can suck my fucking dick

Steel Panther - Heavy Metal Rules Tour  #PMRC

Heavy Metal Rules t-shirt  #PMRC PYGOD.COM

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Birth A.D. - Separate Corners (Official Video)

A Texas thrash / crossover metal band' song and brutal music video that represent what we are all living these days...

Unreleased demo track from Birth A.D., 2016
Jeff - Bass, yelling
Brian - Guitars
Kevin -  Drums

Captured and mixed by Kevin Elrod

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Stray From the Path - Goodnight Alt-right (video & lyrics)


You just got knocked the fuck out 
The punishment fits the crime 
So keep your hand held high and you’ll find out why
That this raised fist ain’t afraid to fly

77 since the 88
Had to look at my phone 'cause I couldn’t believe the date
It's 2017 but in a 40’s trend
With a racist president that's “making everything great again”
But tell me when that this was fucking okay 
All the streets and the screens popping triple K’s
You want the peace? uh-uh, nah that won’t fly here
'Cause if you blink they're pushing you back 300 years
Call it what you want but it's an eye for an eye 
I’ll mark you with a down right down - right up right 
They’re trying to censor that they’re the fucking oppressor  
And all you say is that it's wrong when they’re swinging at Spencer?
Brand yourself like a bull when it sees red 
“Make the lie big” that's what he said
Fuck him and fuck you too, and appreciate 
that if you preach hate, then expect hate 

You just got knocked the fuck out 
The punishment fits the crime 
So keep your hand held high and you’ll find out why
That this raised fist ain’t afraid to fly

Lowest of the low, rats out of their holes
We never used to let these dickheads have any control
Speech is “free” but it comes with a price 
And if you’re speaking out some bullshit I'll give you advice 
Hit 'em with a left a left and a right 
Got 'em dropping like flies with the stars in their eyes 
So fuck them and fuck you too and appreciate that
if you preach hate, then expect hate 

You just got knocked the fuck out 
The punishment fits the crime 
So keep your hand held high and you’ll find out why
that this raised fist ain’t afraid to fly

What makes you think that this is okay?
What makes you think you’re the superior race?
What makes you think that this is alright?
Goodnight alt-right

If you preach hate, then expect hate 
Nazi punks fuck off

Songwriters: Crag Reynolds / Tom Williams / Andrew DiJorio / Anthony Altamura

At least, for once, Antifa's target wasn't an obscure Black Metal band that did a Sieg Heil a decade ago to look edgy for a photo that barely anyone saw.

Ironically, Stray From The Path screamer Drew York (Andrew Dijorio) looks like his nemesis alt-right speaker Milo Yiannopoulos. Maybe they both share the same hairdresser?

Milo Yiannopoulos
Milo Yiannopoulos

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Friday, April 10, 2020

L7 as Camel Lips in 'Serial Mom' 1993

L7 as Camel Lips in 'Serial Mom' 1993.

L7 (aka Camel Lips) - Gas Chamber

Blindfold me and hang me high
Lethal injection, watch me fry

I won't flinch and I won't break a sweat
When I taste the cyanide gas, gas, gas

Only way you're gonna shut me up
Only way you're gonna shut me up

That's like playing with no mask
Wish your mouth weren't cotton dry
Gas Chamber

Watch me riddle him through the glass
Smiling as I sip the last gas
Justifiable homicide
Almond blossom-scented cyanide
Gas chamber

Only way you think you'll keep me down
Only way you think you'll keep me down
Gas chamber

Only way you think you'll keep me down
Only way you think you'll keep me down
Gas chamber, gas chamber

Your god says thou shalt not kill
But here you are droppin' the pill
Legal system- what a sham
Flying colors on the final exam
Gas chamber

Only way you're gonna shut me up
Only way you're gonna shut me up
Gas Chamber

Only way you're gonna shut me up
Only way you're gonna shut me up
Gas chamber, gas chamber

Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Suzanne Gardner / Donita J Sparks / John Waters
Gas Chamber lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, BMG Rights Management

Monday, March 16, 2020

Devin Townsend Project - Grace (music video)

"Grace" (The Retinal Circus) Official Promo Video. The live performance featured in this music video is an amazing musical and visual masterpiece.

Devin Townsend is an Artist's Artist.

Anneke van Giersbergen is pleasing to the eyes and ears through beauty and talent.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Les Joualliers - La PuteRobo

Les Joualliers - Puterobo
J-Pimpe, un des Joualliers, voyage dans le temps et se retrouve en l'An 3026 oû la planète est contrôlée par des lesbiennes. Un avenir plus près qu'on pense. « ... a lick mes balls, a me squirt dans face...» «Avec sa plotte rétractable, pis ses tontons ajustables...» La toune est trop puissante et le vidéo est trop cool.

pute-robotLa PuteRoboLa PuteRobo slut juicePuteroboPuteRobo Les JoualiersLes Joualiers B.D.La PuteRobo TEASER - Valentine's Date Téléchargez la BD et album gratuitement sur:

Pour une plus belle pute robot: