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Tuesday, October 11, 2016


A badass post to celebrate the 5 kinds of badass kuttes...

MetalHead kutte / battle jacket / battlevest

Instead of putting the pictures of an Heavy Metal band patch-covered cut-off denim jacket on an unknown hesher. I choose to put Triple H with his mega-badass cuts-off denim over an old perfecto leather jacket.

Maybe Triple H kutte lack in patches but he maxed it out on attitude. Since nobody look more badass and fearsome in a kutte than Triple H. Add his favorite weapon the sledgehammer to it and you have a lethal combination.

The view of an enthusiastic female fan.

Then an authentic thrasher...

This Battle Jacket has a very interesting story and even his own Facebook page.

Outlaw biker vest with patches / colors

Zakk Wylde is maybe not an outlaw biker at the pure sense but he certainly has the look and attitude.

What about a real old school Hells Angels covered with swastika and diverse nazi symbols. Not because they were white power supremacists but because they liked to provoke and strike fear in the eyes of commoners 9-to-5 automates.

Crust Punk Leather Jacket

One of my choice for this one was the popular punk music band The Casualties. But instead, I opted for real crust punks, street punks who live on the street for real.

Don King denim jacket 

The eccentric boxing promoter Don King denim jacket is on a league on his own. This jacket truly worth a category on his own. 

My hats off to this octogenarian centimillionaire who dare to look different.

PYGOD DotCOM kutte

The best kutte / battle jacket of them all.

The PYGOD.COM kutte.

PYGOD DotCOM kutte

PYGOD DotCOM kutte

PYGOD.COM tattoo Guerilla Marketing

PYGOD DotCOM MoneyMan Fuck You MONEY Hands

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