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Thursday, April 2, 2020

NOFX definition

NOFX (official meaning): Band member Eric Melvin came up with the name NO-FX after listening to straigth edge band Negative FX's one studio album. The band leader Fat Mike agreed on the name and later dropped the hyphen.

Fat Mike NoFX.
Fat Mike of NoFX dressed as usual

But while surfing the web, I've found a most more descriptive definition of NOFX.

What’s wrong with it? Promotion of homosexuality, illicit drug use, sinful BDSM sex, anarchy, murder of politicians, lesbianism, promiscuousness, hedonism, abortion, euthanasia, sloth, atheism, crippled rights, bedroom “water sports”, blasphemy. Criticism of right-wing politics, George Bush, religion, the NRA, the American Heartland. They call for armed anarchic revolution, incite people to lynch the KKK and call into question the ethics of beloved American corporations.



Monday, May 27, 2019

What Killed SKATE PUNK?

90s SKATEPUNK IS DEAD? NOFX, Bad Religion, Pennywise, The Offspring...

What killed 90s skatepunk? In the late 90s, it felt like there was an endless supply of bands borrowing from NOFX, Pennywise and Bad Religion, some of them even getting close to the Billboard top 10.

But as popular as skatepunk was at its peak, it never got any bigger-- in fact, it kind of fizzled in the early to mid 2000s. Was it killed by the rise of bands like Blink-182 and New Found Glory, or did the gatekeeper attitudes of the genre's founders kill it??

A few of the things I touch on:

- The 1st gen skatepunk bands like Bad Religion, DI, JFA, RKL, and The Faction

- Why Nirvana, Green Day and The Offspring were indirectly responsible for the 90s skatepunk boom

- The 90s generation of skatepunk bands like NOFX, Strung Out, Pulley, The Vandals, Unwritten Law, Guttermouth and No Use For A Name

- Why Fat Wreck Chords and Epitaph were the key labels for 90s skatepunk and NOFX's "Punk In Drublic" was the most important album of the genre

- The "Punk O Rama" and "Survival Of The Fattest" sampler CDs

- Airwalks, chain wallets, dickies shorts, and other questionable 90s punk fashion choices 

Fat Mike NOFX "Punker" T-shirt.

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