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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Tattoo pain chart

Being heavily tattooed myself. Here are some tattoo pain charts that I mostly agree with.

Don't worry, emla cream (applicable 2 hours before tattoo) and "pain killer" spray (used by tattoo artist during the tattoo) make the procede more "enjoyable".


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Birdman Face Tattoos

Birdman-SouljaBoy 'Rich Gang' face tattoos
On Monday (March 11, 2013), the Cash Money Records honcho posted a photo on Twitter of himself with the Rich Gang emblem from his latest mixtape etched into the side of his face. “RichGang.” YMCMBoss,” he wrote with the photo.
Three days prior, Soulja Boy posted a picture on Instagram of himself with a similar Rich Gang tattoo, except his is written in block letters.

The only centimillionaire CEO on earth
with so many shitty tattoos on his face.
Birdman, who is covered from head to toe in tattoos, unveiled his newest artwork — the initials “GTV” and the Trukfit logo. The GTV is located on the top of his head and it stands for his Grand Touring Vodka brands. The Trukfit image of Lil Wayne‘s clothing line sits on the lower part of his cheekbone. “GTV.TRUK Fit.RichGang.YMCMB,” he tweeted out to his followers.
Obviously, the tats are in honor of Cash Money’s latest business ventures outside of music. At this point, Birdman will be running out of room for any additional ink. Among some of his past artwork includes the infamous 5-star tats which cover his noggin and the “B” and “W” tats (for “Bryan Williams”) on his right and left biceps.

Baby & Wayene
Perfect pic with a lot of ink and bling!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Holy fuck! What is this???

البنت من عبدة الشيطان .

This shit is Metal! She used to be hot but now she is frightening.

$100,000 to become a monster.  We need all kind of people to make a world!