Friday, January 18, 2013

Combat 84 - We're Back + Rapist


Combat 84 - We're Back

I love this song!

Imagine, this song received much criticism for advocating capital punishment for asshole' rapists??? How can you dare to defend sex offenders??? Probably some stupid fucking leftists assholes. Rapists and asshole' pedophiles must be hang to a fuckin' tree just like the asshole leftists who defends them. How can you stay cool and calm when the question is about sex offenders?!?

Take a look at the lyrics below.

COMBAT 84 - Rapist (lyrics)

He's a dirty and evil man
And no one wants to know
He could be living in your town
The sign of the Rapist doesn't show
Young girls come to me
Stalking victims in the street
When it happens no-one sees
You're just dragged
down off your feet

ChorusCapital Punishment
A stronger Government

Plastic mask and hairy wig
You're too scared to show your face
You're acting like a dirty pig
You're a cancer of the human race
Filth of society should all die
We need a stronger government
All you gotta do is hang 'em high
We want capital punishment

ChorusWe need a stronger government
Bring back capital punishment

Hang 'em, hang 'em, hang 'em high
You watch those fucking bastards die


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