Monday, January 14, 2013

Slash vs Buckethead

Slash and Buckethead are two ex-Guns N' Roses lead guitar players, two weird names, two unique hats, and no free can of Dr. Pepper.

I explain the Dr. Pepper thing.  In March 2008, Dr. Pepper, a major soft drink company, issued a public challenge to Axl Rose, stating that they would give a free can of soda to everyone in the country — except ex-GN’R members Slash and Buckethead — if the band’s long-delayed album ‘Chinese Democracy’ came out that year. When the album did in fact arrive later that fall, the company was unable to keep up with demand, resulting in a downed website, frustrated customers and even the threat of a lawsuit.  Oh, and tons of publicity, which… was obviously the whole point.

Slash and Buckethead-Nightrain

One kickass solo by 2 different kickass players in 2 different kickass styles

Slash impersonator DJ Ashba 

Guns N Roses guitarists

Izzy Stradlin look alike Richard Fortus


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