Saturday, February 23, 2013

Snake Of Eden / Sunset Triplets

Poison music

Tokio Hotel music

Snake Of Eden aka Sunset Triplets were all 25 years old and known as '84 (Calle "Kelii" Landeberg), '85 (Pelle "Rock" Landeberg), '86 (Nisse "Izzy" Landeberg) in VH1 's Daisy de la Hoya "Daisy Of Love" April 26, 2009. They were eliminated the same night after admitting they were just there for the free food and booze.

Snake Of Eden aka Sunset Triplets
The triplets were born 1984 in Sundsvall, Sweden.

VH1 's Daisy de la Hoya "Daisy Of Love" cast of 20 men
 on April 26, 2009

The Swedish blond triplets of glam metal band Snake Of Eden making out with Lady Gaga in her video "Paparazzi".

Snake of Eden - Back to life

Snake of Eden - Hollywood Blues & Rock n' roll (alt version)


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  1. prfffff.... possers! a glam band without band, without music... Posserssssssssssss


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