Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Bizkit Park, nu-metal tribute band

Bizkit Park, nu-metal tribute band. PunkMetalRap.com

BIZKIT PARK pays tribute to one of the most illustrious and lambasted subgenres of Metal music: NU-METAL. 

Personally I've never understood all the hatred toward nu-metal?! I actually enjoy nu metal and saw it as a much needed revival of the Heavy Metal music. It shouldn't be a sin to become mainstream and make Money! Underground shitheads will never understand this anyway!

BIZKIT PARK introduce itself as the "Earth's mightiest Nu-Metal tribute band. We celebrate the entire era and party like it's 1999!" 

BIZKIT PARK plays the very best of the genre: Limp BizkitLinkin Park (it's evident), Korn, System of a Down, Slipknot, Papa Roach, Deftones, Disturbed... 

Bizkit Park, nu-metal tribute band. PunkMetalRap.com

Minus the facial hair, Bizbit Park sport the mandatory adidas nu metal look.

The voice is a little too clean to my taste!
Not good enough to put on my beloved MP3.
Sorry bro! 
Nice try!

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