Wednesday, April 15, 2020

El Duce The Mentors

El Duce The Mentors with his groupie on Jerry Springer. #PMRC
El Duce (The Mentors) with his groupie on Jerry Springer.

The 4F Club, Find her, feel her, fuck her, forget her.
El Duce was right on this one! 

At least, you can clearly hear the lyrics.

El Duce (The Mentors) #PMRC
El Duce (The Mentors)

El Duce, young and old. #PMRC
El Duce, young and old.

El Duce was hired by Courtney Love to kill Kurt Cobain. #PMRC
El Duce claimed that Courtney Love offered him $50K to "whack" her husband Kurt Cobain.

If you were Courtney Love would you hire and give $50K to this drunk idiot to kill Kurt Cobain?!

Asking the question is answering it.

El Duce The Mentors drunk as usual. #PMRC
El Duce drunk as usual

If The Duce said it, it might be true. Right?  
Or maybe he was trying to make a quick buck by getting TV exposure following the death of Kurt Cobain?

Does he looks like someone who need Money?

El Duce The Mentors wasted drunk. #PMRC

Believe it or not, on April 19, 1997, only 8 days after filming his interview with Nick Broomfield for the Kurt & Courtney documentary, El Duce (Eldon Hoke) was so drunk that he was ran over by a damn freight TRAIN or was he pushed there in retaliation for the Kurt Cobain's "murder"? We will never know. But one thing for sure is that El Duce was drunk since subsequent tests indicated a high blood alcohol content.

El Duce 1958-1997. #PMRC
A photo too nice to my taste?!
Not worthy of The King Of Sleaze.

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