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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Moscow Death Brigade (Hardcore-Techno-Rap-Punk) Russia

MOSCOW DEATH BRIGADE is a hardcore/rap band from Russia, combining hip hop rhymes and beats, punk/metal instrumentals and political/social lyrics. The band itself refers to their music as "Circle Pit hip-hop" or "hardcore hip-hop".

MDB has become one of the most active Russian antifascist bands, opposing all kinds of discrimination and fascism, organizing and taking part in benefit events and spreading the word of unity. The Russian and English lyrics deal with anti-fascism and are socio-critical. Topics include "police brutality, violence, mass media propaganda, social prejudice and conscription".

MDB shows usually attract all kinds of representatives of subcultures: from punx, skinheads and metalheads to hip hop kids, graffiti writers and football hooligans, demonstrating that all of us are the parts of the same worldwide underground movement, based on friendship, mutual support and freedom.

MDB appears masked with balaclavas. The identities of the two rappers and the DJ are still kept secret. In their music videos, the group often shows themselves spraying graffiti on trains or houses. The band sees itself as a collective to artist friends, including sprayer, concert organizers and political activists. But ironically, the band does not consider itself a political band and claims that their views are just "human".

This song is an happy blend of techno, rap & punk!!! 
Which sound good!

The next few songs are fuckin' hardcore and metal!!!

This one is particularly techno & electro and good!

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Friday, April 10, 2020

Adidas tracksuits and Corpse paint

Uratsakidogi Black Hop.
Uratsakidogi, Black Metal Hip Hop aka corpse paint in adidas tracksuits from Moscow, Russia.

Uratsakidogi Black Hop.

Black Metal with Hip Hop... Interesting mixture!

Uratsakidogi Black Hop.

Here is what Black Hop music, Black Metal mixed with Hip Hop, looks like (see the evolution of my comments after each video I've watched) :

The lyrics are good, the music is passable, and they look somewhat ridiculous.

Interesting lyrics, the music won't made it to my MP3 anytime soon, they look ridiculous!

This fuckin' song SUCKS! They act like dumbasses!!

By the way, why aren't you wearing PYGOD.COM gear instead of these fuckin' adidas shit!