Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Northern Vultures :Rise Up

Northern Vultures :Rise Up (1990)

Criss de bon vieux punk hardcore de Montreal, Quebec.  J'ai vu ce video la quand j'etais un kid.  Quand la musique etait encore de la musique.  Pas d'la criss de marde comme aujourd'hui.

Montreal hardcore punk band from 1985 to 1994. Music video shot in 1990 at the Montreal Spectrum.
The Vultures were Eric on bass, Fritz & Mike on guitars, Kelly on drums and Beans on vocals.

Northern Vultures - rise up (punk)+ entrevue BIG ERIC
Northern Vultures - rise up + entrevue BIG ERIC BAND DE MONTREAL

Solid Rock a Musique Plus, ca c'etait de la musique!  J'ecoutais cette emission religieusement.


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