Thursday, January 3, 2013

PARMM Public Enemites 1-8

PARMM (Parents Against Reprehensible Metal Music) is a failed PMRC attempt by a zealous mother, the self-proclaimed Southland's Real Estate Queen good ol' Gladys Montgomery, somewhere in the United States.

Now analyse the censor sensor choice of Public Enemities.

1- MARILYN MANSON   Excellent choice, the Antichrist Superstar is also the fan favorite of humourous  site Jesus-is-savior   He is the perfect incarnation of evil for all the religious zealous around the world today.


3- CHAOS CRYPT   Is this a fuckin' joke? Those guys are pure unknowns.  Only one spectator to their show?!?  Probably a local garage band or a parody band.

4- KING DIAMOND       Good choice to make mothers wonders.
King Diamond is also on the PMRC Filthy Fifteen list as the singer of Merciful Fate.


6- MOTLEY CRUE   Also presents on the PMRC filthy fifteen list.

7- TYGERS OF PAN TANG    Who the fuck are they?? I see no evil there!?!

8- KIX     Just another generic cheesy glam metal band! What are they doing on this unholy list?

The first two were obvious choice but the last two??? Was it a fuckin' joke?

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