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Friday, June 25, 2021

DethkloK net worth

DethkloK net worth.

For those who don't know DethkloK (is it possible?). Here are some quick facts. 

Dethklok is the world's most popular and successful death metal band. Cannibal Corpse with 2.1 million Facebook followers in a parallel world.

Dethklok is the "World's Greatest Cultural Force". I thought it was the United States but it seems that it is Italy??? WTF?

Dethklok has a fanbase of billions of fanatics. Imagine the number of Likes on their fucking Facebook Page!!??!! No, not this one.

Dethklok are the World's Seventh Largest Economy.

That's the most interesting part to me. Since I fucking love Money!!!

Who are the world's largest economies?

The world's largest economies are countries that are classified by the humongousness of their GDP  (Gross Domestic Product ~ market value) For a more elaborate and accurate definition of GDP (and if you have hard time sleeping at night) I suggest that you read the Investopedia exposé about the GDP.


Currently the world's seventh largest economy is France with a GDP of US$2,938,271,000,000 = US$2.93 TRILLION

So, conservatively, DethloK market value/GDP/ net worth/whatever the fuck it is just above US$2,938,271 Million

Dethklok > US$2,938,271 Million = US$2.93 Trillion

Dethklok World's Seventh Largest Economy.
Dethklok would replace France at the 7th position of countries (largest economies) GDP list. 
And technically, France would replace Italy at the 8th place. But who cares?

That's it, now for all the nerdy Metalheads who red until the end. 
You now know that, as the World's Seventh Largest Economy, 
Dethklok net worth is US$2.93 TRILLION.

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